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Monday, October 6, 2008

So much for....

...A relaxing Conference Sunday. I worked Saturday night, and slept in Sunday morning. I woke just before 10, and we were doing a few things, when Cole called me into the bathroom and asked, "Has this been like this?" while pointing at the ceiling.

This is what we saw...bubbling of the paint on the ceiling, which he then ripped some of the paint off to see if the wood underneath was wet. It was. Now, we are well aware that we are going to need a new roof in the next couple of years. However, we were counting on one more winter. Well, Cole climbed up in the attic, and we discovered where the leak is. It's (thankfully) around the exhaust all we need to do is waterproof around the outside again. And, since I've wanted to paint the bathroom for some time, this gives me the perfect excuse. :)

M&M's and a cheesy grin...M&M's make everyone feel better!, these pj's, hand me downs from my great friend Michele, are sooooooo CUTE!!!!

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min said...

Ahhh! The rain... not my friend this go round either... but way to turn it into a positive! Lynn has the same jammies!