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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tag! 5 things about Kyle!

No, I didn't forget. I've just been having a lot of problems with blogger letting my upload it is, I wasn't able to upload everything I had planned to.
(is anyone else having the same problems, or is it just me? )

1. Kyle is my near Christmas baby. I actually came home from the hospital with him on Christmas, 1998.
2. Out of all my children, I have made the most trips to the Emergency Room with Kyle. Both for illness and accidents. I swear, he's got some kind of magnetic attraction to Cement.
3. He is an oldest child by personality as well as by being born first. He is a bit bossy with his younger siblings, likes to play the parent, and we often have to remind him that he's not the mommy or daddy.
4. He is a good brother to Alec, but he is a great brother to Talia. He's going to be the one who protects her, loves her, and takes care of her. Alec will too, but not the the extent that Kyle will.

5. He loves to swim, he's a fish. We first put him in a pool when he was 4 1/2 months old, and he's loved it ever since.

He's a good boy, and has been since he was a baby. In fact, everyone in my family would tell me, "we can't believe what a good baby he is." It was true, he was so very easy until he was about 2, and then he got into normal toddler mischief.

I tag....

Ammon H.
Gracie S.
Savannah A.
Sarah L.
Cole V.


utahwarehouse said...

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Six-Pack Momma said...

OK, so it's not just me or my computer. I can't upload pictures, either. Hopefully soon I'll be able to post my tags, too.

Cole said...

That why you should use Picasa. (available with the google account you got with blogger) Upload pics there, then just copy the code to post em in your blog.