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Saturday, October 11, 2008


So,I went scrapbooking yesterday with some girls from work. We went to a crop clear out at the Bear River Civic Center. The crop was put on by a girl a friend of mine from work knows. It's actually a really nice place to scrapbook. Lots of space, good lighting, and plenty of access to electrical outlets. The girl who does the crop, Andrea, gets Maddox takeout for dinner, so it's a really fun little outing.
I got 16 pages done. Here's my 2 personal faves from the bunch (although they all turned out great, I had a fantastic creative breakthrough going on.)

However, one of the best parts...Look what I found!

We walked over to the country market across the way to get drinks and a treat. They had a small, but ijpressive scrapbook selection, and I found these pieces that are absolutely perfect for my Birthday Countdown Calendar I've been working on.
I had put off finishing it, hoping for a different option than the non-existent page pebbles. I guess my patience paid off.

It's snowing right now...Kyle played soccer today, but I refuse to make Alec play in bad weather. He told me he didn't want to play in the snow. Why should he? My SIL coaches my nephew, and she got an email this week that said that everyone should have played last week unless they had a late afternoon game. WHAT? At Kyle's 10:30 game, it was pouring rain, and he was soaked to the skin and freezing by the time we were done. Today he played in sleet, and it was colder. I don't understand why they make the kids play in weather like this. Professionals don't play in bad weather. I just want my kids to have fun, get exercise, learn a skill and how to play on a team. I don't want them to be miserable. I've pretty much decided we won't be playing next year. I've been unhappy with the way things were run this year. It's been disorganized, and they expect the kids to play in bad weather? Not my kids.


min said...

How fun! Cute pages... I feel bad about the page pebbles... I heard that JoAnn's got a new supply in, and it was gone within two days! Are you gonna be off on the 24th for scrap night here?

Leslie said...

Hey Jen!!
I've been thinking about all of you so much lately and remembering everything that was going on a year ago. I'm assuming that you got Abree's Birthday Announcement in the NICU. I KINDA thought that you may all like to see her. I hope that you are all following our blog once in a while but just not posting comments. I seriously tell everyone that even though it wasn't fun going through all of that, I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else. We honestly had a great experience at McKay. It is so good to hear from you and I hope you all are doing good as well.