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Thursday, January 8, 2009

My "To Do" List

I have a list of things to do today...some that I need to accomplish, and some that I want to accomplish. Here they are...

1. Drink my 20 oz of water, and wait til after my workout to have a diet Pepsi.
2. Pick up Talia's toys that are scattered all over my upstairs.
3. Try to distract Talia with a DVD...probably Finding Nemo.
4. Do Cardio Taebo while Talia is (hopefully) distracted.
5. Shower.
6. Make Hamburger Soup. Recipe:
Brown 1 lb. Hamburger (I use 93/7 for less fat)
Cut up 4-6 carrots (I dislike peeling them, so I buy the peeled baby
carrots and just cut them up until I feel like the
soup has enough.)
Put in Stockpot with a big bottle of tomato juice, 4 cans beef consumme,
3 cans water, 1 tsp salt, and I like to add 1/2 tsp pepper. Boil for 30-
45 minutes. (I figured out the calories at one point to 88 cal per 8 oz
Cole is not a soup person, and says he might eat it if I added potatoes...but I love the flavor of this soup, and it's filling without being heavy on the calories. It is an easy base, however, you could easily add more vegetables (I think the original recipe called for whole canned tomatoes, but my siblings and I disliked them, so my mom just ommitted them). I had planned to buy some whole wheat pasta of some kind to add to it (upping the fiber), but I got distracted while shopping yesterday.

7. Lunch
8. Put Talia down for a nap!!!!!
9. Craft time!!! Here is where my lofty aspirations for my days off come in. I need to fix the lanyard I made for my badge, make some new bracelets for Talia to match the clothes she got for Christmas, use my Cricut to cut some vinyl for the Valentine's decoration I'm making for my mantel, actually make the decoration, and scrapbook.

Ok, I know that sounds like a lot to do in a 2 hour nap time...but I have tomorrow off as well, and whatever I don't get to today, I'll get to tomorrow. Hey, maybe I'll get lucky and she'll sleep for 2 1/2 hours :).

10. Help the boys with their homework.
11. Make dinner.
12. Hang out with my husband and kids.
13. Go to bed.

Ok, so now you know what I'm up to today. Pictures of any accomplished crafts to come later.


Min said...

Good luck woman!
Maybe if I post my lists everyday, I will be held accountable and I 'll get more done.. :)
My mom made a similar soup for us growing up.. my little bro had a bad habit of asking EVERY NIGHT what was for dinner.. one of the first nights my mom made this, he looked at it, said, "What is this?" to which my dad replied "Shut up, and eat it!" Warm memories..

Rachael said...

Good Luck is exactly what I was thinking too. Hey you could come over to my house and scrapbook. Lisa and I are hanging out and scrapbooking from 2 until who know when.