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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our week in review...

It seems like it's been a busy week, but as I sit here, I'm having trouble remembering exactly why it was so busy. Talia came down with mild croup type stuff on Monday...I was on call at work, but was glad I didn't get called in, because with her high fever, all she wanted to do was snuggle with Mommy. Tuesday she felt fever, but still the really congested, painful sounding cough. Wednesday I got my hair cut and colored, and Thursday...yes Thursday. We had a well baby checkup at 9 am. Well, the boys were a little slow getting ready for school, so we were scrambling to get there on time. Everything looks great, Talia is 80th percentile for height and head circumference, and 50th percentile for weight. She had her shots, and really did pretty well...she cried for a minute, but wasn't hysterical. Plus, she didn't react to them like she has in the past (with swollen, painful legs), so that was a plus. I wanted to take lunch to my mom, and I had some errands to run. So...I ended up with 2 new pairs of shoes(I had a coupon at Famous Footwear that was about to expire), some new socks, and Cole got a new was a really good morning. Talia was an absolute ANGEL during our shopping trip. We had lunch with my mom, and Talia zonked out in the car on the way home...less than a minute was all it took. During her extra long nap, I curled up on the couch and caught up on my Tivo'd shows. Hung out with the kids after school, and our family hung out together all night. Friday I worked, and today I was called off.
A very ordinary week, but it ended up being pretty good.

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