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Thursday, February 12, 2009

A bit of drama

This morning began with a bit of drama. I went to wake the boys...Kyle first. I went into Kyle's room, and after the initial groaning, he told me one of his fish was dead. I was asking him which one, and he broke down into tears (my poor tenderhearted kid) and told me, "I woke up at 2, and the bigger fish was beating up on the littler one, and I think he killed him!" all the while bravely battling back tears. I really had to try not to laugh, because the fish that died was not a "fun, pretty fish" but a algae eating ugly necessary fish. I told him it was ok, the fish was old (probably the oldest we have). He seemed ok with that, but I think he was most upset that this fish he's had forever decided to kill the other one. Cole tells me this is what happens when these fish get to be the size they are now, so we'll have to flush him and get new ones so he doesn't kill anyone else. Drama.

Talia has 2 new pairs of shoes, since her feet are growing so fast right now. So, she's decided that SHE gets to pick which ones she's wearing. Cole got ready to take the kids out shopping when he got home (He said I couldn't come...hmm I WONDER what they were doing ;)) and he grabbed a random pair of shoes...she ran off and brought back the other new pair...the ones she wanted to wear. Drama.

Alec finally received his Video game privileges back after 12 days. It's a couple of days early, but he's been really good about doing what he's supposed to be (if you know the whole story, you'll understand this part, if you don't, ask me in person, but I don't want to post it online), so I gave him a little reward. He still doesn't have his Gameboy back until Monday, though.

My energy is a little better this afternoon, after my nap. Hopefully it will continue tomorrow.

My little drama queen is calling for me....

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Mindy said...

With the 3 little drama queens I live with, I can commiserate with you in all the drama... good luck!