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Friday, February 6, 2009

Yesterday it got quiet in Talia's room...

I found her like of her Groovy Girls dolls on a diaper, and she was trying (and had almost succeeded) to get the Desitin open. It makes me boys, although they both were caught in the Desitin at different times (I was sooo upset when Kyle spread it all over our brand new forest green microfiber ottoman...but it did come out.) never, ever tried to diaper any of their plush toys...even though they were subjected to the same relative number of diaper changes as Talia. Is that nurturing instinct? Is it just because she has baby dolls as well as plush toys? I know that I let both the boys play with my old cabbage patch dolls...but it was just 1, not the many baby dolls like our little girl plays with. Have we, as parents, favored sterotypical roles? Talia loves to play with cars, gi joes, and anything else of the boys she can get her hands on, and we encourage it. We split parenting 50/50...Cole has changed as many diapers, and puts the kids to bed just as often as I do. it nature or nurture? Or a combination? Or is she just really smart to figure it out at her age (relative to her brothers, that is). Hmmm

Now, personally, I think it's got elements of all of the above. It's really interesting to me, though.

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Mindy said...

I played GI Joes too... but loved my babies!! I think it;s a little from column a and a little from column b..