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Monday, February 23, 2009

No more baby... :(

Well, just a quick update...I slept pretty well last night, only waking at 5 am to throw up ( least I wasn't up sick all night). This morning, I'm a little nauseous, and nothing tastes good to my multigrain Cheerios that are sitting here right now...probably going to go to waste. I have to try to find SOMETHING to eat that is healthy and tastes good to me....but so far this morning, the headache is gone. I can't even feel any background pressure like when I woke the last couple of mornings, so I'm hopeful. Tomorrow is the 4th grade Ski day, and as I'm going up and skiing for the first time in 10 years, I REALLY don't want to be fighting a headache. I'm nervous enough as it is, because Snowbasin has changed ALOT since the last time I went up....but I'm so excited too...I think if it goes well I'm going to make a goal to go up skiing once a year while Talia's still little.

Speaking of Talia, that's the real reason I'm posting today. Over the past couple of weeks, I've been watching her progress so fast. She is quickly losing all the "babyness" about her, and turning into a full fledged toddler. She talks, a lot, and we understand most of what she says. She can get her point across quite well. She has learned to undress herself if she is in footie jammies, and she can take off her own pants. She can put on her own shoes, and does, quite frequently. She also wears my shoes around the house if she can get her hands(and feet! :)) on them. She does take her own diaper off, but luckily so far, she only does that when it's time to go shower. She wants to play with her hair, consequently, although she still loves me to do her hair, she ends up pulling it out by the end of the day. If I put a bow or accent of any kind in her hair, it comes out sooner...she wants to play with the hair stuff. She gets mad if I won't put it back in her hair(which I don't, I'm trying to teach her not to pull her hair out). She wants to put her "pretties" (bracelets) on and off herself, and even though I made a bunch of new ones that I thought were big enough to do that with, but I made the mistake of putting them all on her (I was trying to distract her from something else) and letting her run off to her room...she had 6 of them broken before I realized things were much too quiet. 3 times this week, she's quietly climbed up to the kitchen counter, grabbed the bowl that's filled with all the Valentine candy, taken it to her room, closed the door, and had her very own snack. I found a slice of chocolate orange in her bed yesterday when I went to put her down for a nap...She'd managed to get hold of that as well, and was stashing it for later chocolate enjoyment. She's also trying to give up her nap. She still needs a nap, but she needs less of one and wants to take it later. With the way I work, I can't have her giving up her nap, so we'll go to "Quiet Time" if we need to...Where she spends 2 hours in her room. She doesn't have to sleep, but she has to stay in her room. I really don't mind if she plays, as long as I still get my nap before work.
She also enjoys playing with all her dolls...from the little ones that came with her dollhouse to the bigger baby dolls. Her Belle doll she got from my grandparents for Christmas seems to be the favorite...we don't do anything without Belle. Belle is often found in Talia's high chair being fed from the princess dishes. One of her favorite things to do is to hide behind the arm of the couch, then pop out and say "I see you!" giggling....I really need to get a video of that....
It's amazing to see her progress, and quite honestly (and I know I'm bragging, but don't all moms? ;)) to see how smart she is, but it just reminds me of how fleeting time is, that she is my last baby and those baby days are going away forever. I will be able to "borrow" those feelings, when my sister has babies, when my friends have babies...but they will never be mine again. I know I don't want more children...I know my limits and I have as many as I can be a good mom to...but it's sad to see this phase of my life go away completely. The sting of it is eased by the joy she brings to our family. Even when she's a stinker, she's such a ray of light....


Rachael said...

You may not have her as your baby anymore. But you will have her as your sweet little best friend. Just think, you will get to play dress up, show her how to shave her legs, she will ask you why Daddy shaves his face and you don't. There is so much more fun your going to have with your little girl.

When our hubbies are out camping for scouts we are going to have to have a girls night out. Just the four of us. It would be a blast.

About the yoga thing: couldn't you just teach us at your house? I mean you did say you have been doing it since you had your oldest. You should be a pro by now! No presure just wondering.

Mindy said...

I can see the maturity too... she is a doll! It's a process that is definitely bittersweet..

Jodi said...

What a great post Jeni!! I so agree with the growing up thing!! It's so fun to see your kids grow older and do new things, but yet so hard to see them not be little any more!! Talia sounds so adorable!!

Cam said...

Jen thank you for your thoughts. It is truely appreciated!