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Sunday, February 22, 2009

A history of Headaches (Mine)

So, I have had a headache for the past 3 days now. It's dull and achy in the morning, and gets progressively worse as the day goes on. Excedrine and Motrin just dull the ache a bit. An Ice pack helped a bit last night. So, as soon as instacare opens this morning, I'm going in. I really think it's probably a migraine. I haven't had a full blown migraine since I was in my early 20's. I have a long history of headaches, however....

10th grade was a little crazy. My best friend tried to commit suicide, and I was everyone's "sounding board" for all their troubles. I was stressed. After having a headache every day for over a month, I finally mentioned it to my mom, who took me to the doctor, then the neurologist. The diagnosis was tension headaches, and I took a daily med for the rest of high school. It took care of that problem, but it did give me a high pain tolerance for headache pain.

Fast forward a couple of years. I was married, most of the way through the first year of the Respiratory Program. I had headaches, but I was in school full time, working, and trying to balance all those things with being married. Until the day I was driving home, and felt a "tearing" sensation across my brain...not painful, but it made me dizzy I couldn't see, not even to pull over to the side of the road(I was in the inside lane). I pulled into the emergency lane, and sat there for about 5 minutes until my vision cleared. After this episode, I had a few more, even blacking out during one of them (thank goodness I was at home at the time). I went into the ENT, who diagnosed migraines after doing other tests (including an extremely expensive MRI). I've had a few over the years, but never to the degree of those I had over that 3 month period.

I've had tension headaches (refer back to posts from last year), but this feels different...back to migraines, I guess.

My head is killing me, I think I'll go to the instacare now. It's open in a few minutes.

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