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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Verdict...

Spent 2 hours at the instacare this morning. It could have been worse. The doctor gave me a pretty thorough exam...then gave me a migraine pill. After about 10 minutes, they came back to check on me...the pill hadn't done much. So, I have a headache of unknown origin, but no "red flag" symptoms. So, since nothing else is working, I get to take Percocet to try to "knock it out", so to speak. I was really hoping the migraine med would work...I'm now going to be having head rushes and be a little loopy for the rest of the day.

The good news is that 20 minutes after the percocet, my head doesn't hurt anymore.


Rachael said...

My Mom had the same kind of problem last year. She was working like crazy. Her doctor told her to cut certain foods out of her diet, cut her work hours, and take some weird pills. It help her more (the cutting her work hours) than the pills. She got a doctors note saying she could only work three days a week. Oh... she was also required to get eight or more hours of sleep a day. Which also helped her immensely.

I hope you figure out something that works for you that will help get rid of the headaches. Best of luck!

John and Sherri said...

That doesn't sound like any fun! I'm sorry. Hope things look up soon. Keep us posted.

Mindy said...

Ooohhh! Sorry Jen.. I think my headache would have gotten worse just having to go to the doctor..