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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ski Day!

Yesterday was the Ski Utah Ski Day for our 4th graders. I went up to Snowbasin with Kyle and his class. In my youth, I was a pretty good skier. We started going up nearly every Saturday in the winter when I was in 6th grade. My Mom and her siblings grew up running Snowbasin, because my Grandparents owned it. My parent's first date started out as skiing. I grew up in a Skiing family. However, I had not skied in 10 years, since Kyle was about 8 weeks old. There's something about getting married and having kids that changes priorities (and I wouldn't change that!). I've missed it, though, and I couldn't pass up this opportunity to get back on the mountain.

It was a really fun day. After dropping Talia off (THANK YOU, BRENDA!!!!) I headed up the canyon. There is a new road in hardly took me any time at all to get there. I waited for the bus of kids to arrive...I had to get my ticket from Kyle's teacher. Once I got my ticket, I headed up Needles Express...something that wasn't there the last time. I was a little nervous...Would I remember how to ski? Some things I learned....
1. You will remember came back very quickly.
2. If I hadn't been working out the last 2 months, I would have been unable to move today, instead of just mildly sore.
3. All those High School years of being miserable because of cold feet was fixed with toe warmers and adjustments to my boots...apparently, the fit of the boots I had in high school was too tight, and didn't allow circulation to my feet. Thus, cold, frozen, painful feet. Thanks to my wonderful husband who found toe warmers I could stick to my socks...they worked GREAT!

I did fall twice..on my 2nd run down the mountain and within 1 minute of each other. The run was icier than the first one I took. I've never handled ice really well...and since it was only my 2nd run, I was still remembering how to ski. Otherwise, it was great and perfect.
Kyle had his ski lesson in the morning, and he and I met up for lunch. After eating, I checked him out with his teacher, and we did a couple of times down Little Cat. He wanted to go up a real lift (I had told him maybe I'd take him down Bear Hollow, an easy trail). I didn't really think he was ready. I let him ski Little Cat with a friend, and I went a couple more times up the mountain. I did finally give in and take him up Becker...we went down all the easy trails, and though it was slow going and he fell a lot, we made it down.

All in all, it was a really fun day...I definitely have to make it a priority to get back up there once a year.

Special thanks to my Mom, for letting me borrow her ski outfit, to Pitcher's Sports, for renting me great equipment at a very good price and to Brenda, for watching Talia.


Rachael said...

Jesse said that when he went this year for the first time in over ten years, that it came back to him very quickly too. And he was skiing down the blues and double blues in no time.

You look pretty cute in those pictures!

Julie said...

I'm glad to hear you had fun. That is so great that you were able to go with Kyle.

Mindy said...

Whoot! whoot! Pitcher's Sports!! :D Are you going to elder's night at powder?