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Monday, February 2, 2009

I love the Superbowl!!!

Ok, I love football in general, and today, I'm quite sad that the season is over. Yesterday, however, the Superbowl did not disappoint. We met, as is the tradition for the past few years, at my brother Chris's and SIL Brenda's house. It was actually Brenda's Birthday yesterday, so she was very gracious to host a party that was not totally in honor of her special "30th" Birthday. Happy Birthday, Brenda, we love you!!!
As usual, we had a ton of food, and enjoyed watching the game. Especially with the addition of Brenda's Brother David and SIL Emily. Emily is one of the few women I know that love football as much as I do, so, as we were both yelling at the screen, the refs, and anything else that we wanted, it was tons of fun.

We were all a little disappointed in the outcome...and the refs in the final seconds, but both teams played well, and it was a great game.

Talia also turned 22 months baby will officially enter the "terrible two's" in 2 months. I love this age, but it's bittersweet to see my baby become even more of a toddler. Finally this weekend, we achieved a great, girly feat...

She wanted her toenails painted (I painted mine a couple of days ago), and she held still, didn't cry, and didn't freak out (the last time I tried, I got 1 nail done before she was hysterical...but that might have been due to the color, since it was blood red that time). She loves them, and keeps pointing out her "pretty toes".

Well, I had thought, since I have today off, I would do some crafting. Then I remembered that all our tax info was finally here (Thank you, IHC, for sending my W2's on the very last day of the month, just like every year..can you catch the sarcasm there?) I also already have my turbo tax software. It'd be really nice to get our refund all taken care of early. So, I'm sacrificing my play time for grownup responsibilities today...and hoping for a good refund!


Rachael said...

Those are some cute toes! I just love playing dress-up with Kimmy. It has to be so much fun for you getting to doll up your daughter when there are so many men in your house.

I am not looking forward to doing our taxes. Jesse didn't even tell me he had everything until this last week.

Mindy said...

You.. Yell?.. nah...