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Friday, February 6, 2009

Lots to catch up on....

I have a lot to catch up on, so scroll on down...I did several untitled posts.
Today, Cole and I had a rare Friday off together...where I wasn't tired from working the night before. I had wanted to get down to the Fashion Place Mall in SLC for awhile...they have a Nordstroms, and a Bare Escentuals store that I've wanted to check out since they opened. So, we went to the mall this morning. We were passing Build-A-Bear, and couldn't resist...Talia had such an excited look on her face just from walking by, so we went in...

We let her pick whatever she wanted. She picked up several things, but kept coming back to this one...which just happens to be the limited edition spring bear, but whatever. It's really cute.

She was fascinated by the stuffing process...and I'm convinced that they put that rack of "bear accessories" right there, in reaching distance...she just wouldn't let go of the Hannah Montana guitar that plays verses of 3 songs....oh well.

She wasn't into picking out the clothes, even though I showed her several things, she really didn't care about anything but the bear and the guitar. So, I picked MY favorite outfit in the whole store...

Our "Rock Star Talibear"...It was really fun, it was worth it. I still remember when we did this with our boys at Disneyland...they still love their animals. Kyle still sleeps with his almost every night (Shhh that's a secret).

She did't let it go, even when she fell asleep on the way home. Right this moment, it's on our couch, watching TV with the family.

I also had a good day. At Nordstrom, I wanted to see if their swimsuits were out...they had a few out, and I fell hard for a Lucky Brand's purple, with blue and purple tie dye on the edge...a Tankini...I just had to buy it. I also scored some new stuff at the Bare Escentuals store...nothing I couldn't have gotten at the local Sephora, but I wanted the experience.

We stopped at Bird World in Bountiful on the way home, and Cole got a couple of algae eating fish for the aquarium.

A most productive day, and it was really fun to spend some quality time with my honey.


John and Sherri said...

Sounds like fun! I love build-a-bear, we took Cole there way too early, we need to go back, and take Saylee.
As for the girls vs. boys- I believe it is some nurture but definitely a lot nature. Madi already loves babies and I think she is exposed to Cole and Saylee's toys equally. She is starting to sign baby, and has a favorite of Saylee's. Funny thing. Maybe I'll work again some day and see you- ha ha

Mindy said...

How fun! Love Talia's bear.. I can't let my girls find out about that Hannah Montana guitar.. ooh.. trouble!!

Heidi said...

I LOVE her bear! It's so stink'n cute, might have to go get me one! We also took our kids to build-a-bear in Disneyland, get memories!