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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend...Saturday.

Well, Memorial Day weekend started off with a bang....

In the afternoon, we went swimming at my parent's pool. It was "opening weekend" for the pool. The boys were so excited...they asked me about 20 times that morning if we were going swimming. I finally had to tell them that if they asked again, we wouldn't be going.

This is before Talia was "re acclimated" to the water. At first she couldn't quite figure out how to maneuver herself around, and was afraid. I sat on the edge by where she was standing on the pool bench. At first she was gripping my legs with panic, then she was just keeping one hand on my legs for comfort, then she was just playing next to me, and by the time it started pouring rain on us, she was moving around comfortably. Hopefully all her enthusiasm for the water will come back as we swim more this season...

After we were done swimming, we wanted to take the kids down to Lagoon. Talia, however was cranky and not feeling Cole told me to take the boys down. We had such a fun time!

It was not crowded at all, the lines were very short or non-existent (we walked on Colossus twice in a row, the last time I remember doing that was the year it came out, on a weekday first thing in the morning). I got some really cool videos of us on a couple of the rides, but this one on the roller coaster is Alec's face, it's priceless...

Back to Talia not feeling well....after our shower Saturday morning, she just started crying Owie, Owie, Owie, over and over...she was really upset and shaking. We couldn't get her to calm down, we checked over her whole body, and couldn't find anything wrong...she had mild fever, so we gave her motrin. She finally was able to tell us that her neck hurt. I knew that they'd had a case of strep throat at Daycare this week, and with no other symptoms, we figured that's what she probably had. So, Cole rushed her to instacare, while I ran down to Costco for some desperately needed items (like diapers). Of course, by the time they saw her, the motrin had kicked in, she didn't have a fever, and was feeling fine. So, they looked in her ears, did the rapid strep test, it was negative. They basically made Cole feel like he was WAYYYYYYYY over-reacting, told him she was probably just starting a virus. What a bunch of BS, but my wonderful honey didn't feel like he should challenge the Doctor. So, what a surprise(cue intense sarcasm here) when they called me this afternoon to tell us that her regular culture DID grow out strep...and they were calling her in a prescription...etc. I am completely irritated, because not only are we a day behind in treating her, but we were RIGHT and they totally disregarded our instincts about our child, and made my husband feel like he was being too cautious. However, lesson learned. Now we know, that like her daddy, her rapid strep doesn't come up positive, next time we'll push for antibiotics before the second culture comes back. As long as she doesn't have any other symptoms. The thing is...I work in a hospital. I know all about "superBugs"...the ones that don't respond to traditional antibiotics. I've taken care of many patients with MRSA in my 12 years as a Respiratory Therapist. I understand the need to prescribe and take antibiotics with care. However...there were NO viral symptoms present. If there were, I wouldn't have been upset that they wanted to wait on the antibiotics.

At least Cole will be validated that his Daddy instincts were right, and will feel better about acting on them next time.


Rachael said...

I meant to ask you where Talia was today. Now I know, poor thing.

Maybe you should get yourself a medical license so you can give RX's and diagnose our kids. :) Some doctors are real (pardon my french) A** holes. Half the time they don't want to take the time to really listen.

That's why one of Jesse's friends- Mother in law is in the hospital right now. They didn't care to really listen, and now the infection is in her blood stream.

Anonymous said...

I too have had to be pushy at the Doctors when it comes to my kids. I hate that they think we are over-reacting when it comes to our children!! Glad she got the meds.