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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Soccer is OVER!!!!

Alec with his medal

I'm really glad soccer is over where Alec is concerned. This video is titled..
"Why Alec is not playing soccer next season."

This is the best action we got out of him today....

After soccer, when we were home having lunch, Cole and I were both saying "Yay, no more soccer!", to which Alec answered with a huge cheer. We were a bit surprised at his enthusiasm, so we asked him, "Won't you be sad not to be playing soccer?" He answered, "I hate soccer!". We were surprised to hear him say it like that, because although we knew he wasn't really into it, he'd never said he didn't like it. I feel good about our decision not to register him for next season. He tends to be in his own little world anyway...he isn't really into the team thing. His dad is the same way. He really wants to take Karate, and we think it's a good idea. It will help him develop his body and his self control.

As for Kyle...he likes soccer, and he's wanted to play football. I looked into football...and the time commitment is GINORMOUS!!!!! Starting in August, they practice 5 days a week, and then when the games start it's 4 days a week, and games on Saturday. When Kyle realized how much time it would take away from all the other stuff he wants to do, he decided against football. We're looking into some kind of lessons for him as well, but I figure that if he really ends up wanting to play soccer, I'll pay extra for late registration.

A few notes on my new FlipVideo camcorder...It is super easy to use, and videos upload to blogger like a dream. Much easier than my camera uploaded videos. The reviews said that it had trouble with image stabilization, but I haven't had any trouble with that...and I'm not always paying attention to what I'm filming. It's really cool...I am loving it more each time I use it.


Rachael said...

Poor thing, Karate was good for Jesse. That's what his parents put him in when he didn't want to play soccer anymore.

I GOT SHOT AT TODAY!!! by your son. We were driving past your house when all of a sudden Alec turned to our car and (pretend) shot twice. I turned to Jesse told him and we both shared a laugh.

Brian and Staci Staples said...

Okay, I have to laugh and laugh at this one because if you change your video into girls then you would have the exact same reason that we are not putting Kennedy into any more soccer. We told her she has to pick something else to try and at this point we don't have an answer. In fact that is almost even more involvement then I get out of my little Kennedy. Too Funny. Her best accomplishment is her 'throw in's' and I must say she can throw...maybe softball would be better. Hummm????

TiGi said...

Alec is exactly like my own middle son. I really felt it was the team sport thing and the whole 'in an other world thing', but I completely understand. I tend to be that way. You'll find out just the right thing. I think with my middle son, fencing would have been perfect at the time, if only I could find something, then. Oh well, maybe, it's just as well, huh?
I like your new toy.