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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The way kids think... and some help, Please!

I always find it interesting the way little kids think, and they way they put together information. For example...

I almost always listen to music in the shower. It relaxes me, and also helps me keep tabs on the time so I don't spend too long in there. Today, while Talia and I were showering, a song came on that also happens to be my ringtone for my cell phone. Immediately, Talia started saying "Phone! Phone!". She was very insistent, was very upset that I wasn't answering it, and didn't stop pestering me until the song was over. I just thought it was amazing that her 2 year old mind put together that it should be my phone ringing.

As for the help, I mentioned when my computer crashed I lost all my favorites. I had this really cool Food Storage blog was someone who is (I think) the emergency preparedness person in their ward, and she would post a lot of things that I need to know. As I am really working on getting my food storage in order, I really miss this info. I've found a couple of different websites/blogs about food storage since then, but not the same one. If anyone has an idea of what blog I'm talking about, or any other blogs/websites that might help me, please leave me a comment.


Kristen said...

The only website that I know of is the provident living section on the church's website, They might have other links that will direct you to more help. Sorry I don't more.:) By the way, I feel the same way about soccer.

Rachael said...

How funny, cute little Talia! You could just tell her that your in the shower and you don't answer the phone while your in the shower. (YOU COULD KILL YOURSELF!!!) ;)

Sorry I don't know what blog you're talking about. But I'm being a rebel and still leaving you a comment.

Mindy said...

Visit my friend at "it is what it is".. she has a lot of food storage links..

Natalie said...

maybe try

It is kind of like a "hub" and then leads you to other related blogs.