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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back to Normal...Sort of.

Well, Christmas Break was so nice this year, it was really hard to get back to a normal schedule this morning when the kids needed to go back to school. Well, almost normal anyway...Kyle had a doctor's appointment this morning, so we followed our typical morning schedule, then went to the doctor instead of school. So, of course, Talia got off her normal nap schedule...and hasn't slept well the rest of the day. And is cranky. At least that's what I'm told, I'm here at work. It's sad for me to let go of christmas...this is the first year since Kyle first went to kindergarten that I wasn't dying for him to go back after about 3 days of him torturing his brother. Both boys behaved this break, however, which made it nice for us.

Our morning went off without incident....Baked muffins for Kyle (I don't always cook breakfast, but it was their first day back). There was a little discussion about how we don't watch tv on school mornings (they always think I will forget after a break). I had managed to remember to remind them both to pack their backpacks last night, so the morning went very smooth.

Speaking of normal schedules, I tend to cling to a routine, at least in the morning. Part of this is because of work...all the babies there are on 3 hour schedules. And Talia has been on one since the day she got home from the hospital. With my job, I need her to nap at certain times so that both she and I get sleep, and so that I can get her wherever I need her to be. When Cole gets her off schedule on the weekends, it makes me crazy. I think I hold onto that a little too tight, but since Alec never would be on a schedule, and it was really hard on me, maybe it's not so bad to cling to the schedule.

Work is really, really slow tonight. I'm signing up to be called off tomorrow...partly because I don't have a babysitter, and won't get much sleep, and partly because I'm tired of working. I'm hoping to cut back to part time this year....hopefully by June. But we'll see, because there's still that "I like to spend money" issue. I'm working on that.

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