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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Quiet Moments are the Best....

I got to hold my sleeping baby tonight. Since Talia turned about 6 months, she's refused to sleep in anyone's arms. If we're home, she wants her crib, and if we're out and about, the carseat will do. Since she's outgrowing her infant carseat, I'm in for some interesting outings. Tonight, however, Talia didn't want to take her normal 5pm nap, she waited until 7pm...and bedtime's at 8pm. So, instead of putting her in her crib, I gave her her pacifier and held her. She fought me for a few minutes, but I stroked her hair and face, and she finally gave in and fell asleep. 20 minutes of pure pleasure for me---it's been hard not to hold my last baby while she's sleeping. I just had to have Cole take our picture, even though I don't have any makeup on.

Speaking of Cole, yesterday his whole day was awful. The tip of his car key broke off in his ignition. He called me right before I was headed to work to tell me. So, I give him the name of a locksmith, and he calls them. He can get service, hurray!!! So, after they fix the car, he calls me...currently, his car will run for anybody. He needs to drive to their offices in Bountiful to get the car re-keyed...but first he's got to drive home and get the spare key, so that they can re-key it right. And the baby's at daycare, and he won't have time to get home, to Bountiful, and back in time to pick her up by 6. Plus, the boys are at home alone. So, I call my wonderful sister in law...she can watch Talia for about an hour, but they have plans after that. So, I call my Mother in Law. She's got to wait for a call from the doctor...she's got to go to the hospital for an infusion of iron, because her iron is extremely low and her stomach isn't absorbing any. So, I call my mom and arrange it...My sister in law will watch Talia until they leave, then drop her at my mom's. Then Mom calls me...can they take Talia out to dinner with them? Sure, but let Cole know. When they get hold of Cole, they're eating, so he leaves to go get the boys food...and isn't home when my parents come to drop Talia off. It was a crazy, day, and I was busy at work and trying to coordinate all this in between all the work stuff. I really hate it when a perfectly normal day turns into chaos...especially right as I'm going to work. But it ended up ok. My kids actually handled it very well, and I continue to be grateful for how easy they make things like this.
Today I am grateful for
  1. Brenda, my sister in law who never lets me down.
  2. Parents who are always willing to help in a crunch. My mom has never, ever let me down when I've needed her.
  3. A husband who mops the floor, because he knows it's the one household chore I hate most of all.
  4. Digital cameras and the advantages they have.
  5. Costco. I love that place, I really do.

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mommamin said...

So sorry to hear aobout your chaos, and you are worried about me??? Brenda is pretty awesome ;) And you look great without makeup!!!