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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bonus Day

This is part of what I did today on my "bonus day". I call it a bonus day, because I was supposed to have to work last night, but I got called off. Today would have been a recovery day...where I sleep whenever I get the chance, and basically feel tired and cranky all day. But instead of having to recover, I had a whole day to do whatever needed/wanted to be done. Thus, a bonus day. Today I got all the grocery shopping done (I only do it once a month, so it's a process that takes several hours between the shopping and the putting away). I got home, let Talia get a nap, then it was off to Macy's in Riverdale, for their clearance/store closing sale. Let me tell you, I got some killer deals today. New black shoes, a sweater hoodie, lounging pants, a new purse (I'm addicted to purses, my husband will tell you) & 2 dresses for Talia (1 for next Christmas, one just for next winter). The dresses were $40 dresses on clearance for $11 each....who can pass that kind of a deal up? The clothes were 30% off already clearance price, and the purse was 30% off as well....and was a lot less than I normally spend on my purse addiction. The shoes were actually a necessity...I've just recently started wearing black again (I didn't wear it for a couple of years, because I was wearing entirely too much of it, and needed a change) and I needed some dressier black shoes, that weren't church-type dressy shoes. They were also on a killer sale, and I felt really lucky they still had them in my size. Finally I bought some tiny 18k gold plated sterling silver hoop earrings. The stud earring I've been wearing in my 3rd ear piercing is worn through the gold plating, and the underlying metal must have nickel in it, because it's been red and irritated. So I wanted something small and unobtrusive, but still visible. Then, after I cooked breakfast for dinner, I gave myself a pedicure. I haven't had my toes painted since my sister gave me a professional pedicure right before I had Talia. It feels good to have pretty toes again.
At dinner, I thought I would try to just feed Talia waffles. She did great, for about 10 bites. Then she realized that she wasn't getting it fast enough, and that was it...she wanted her baby food and her bottle. She's obviously not ready to go to straight table food, but it was a step in the right direction.
I wanted to get all this done today, so that tomorrow I have time to work on my weekly scrapbook page. And relax, of course. Plus, I still have to take my nativity scene down from the mantel.....
Today I am grateful for...
1. A precious baby girl who is so easy to take everywhere...she was a perfect angel while I got all my stuff done today.
2. Alec's hugs....he loves to hug me all the time, and it's such a mood lifter.
3. The small amount of money it cost me to buy everything I bought's nice when I can have what I want and stay within my budget.
4. Waffles and sausage for dinner. Comfort food that's easy to make, and easy to clean up.
5. 3 children who are not perfect, but are perfect for me.


mommamin said...

I wish I could have cute toes!!! I can't even reach them without feeling like someting will be dis-located! Thanks for the RSV update. I knew that you'd know...

Six-Pack Momma said...

I'm glad you had such a great day...gotta love 'em and enjoy 'em! I need to go shopping for me..but I always get sidetracked into the children's department!