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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Lazy Days....

I love to have a Lazy Day. And I don't get too many opportunities. Most of my days off are spent running the inevitable errands that pop up, or recovering from working. But a true lazy day...where I haven't worked the night before, and don't have anything to get done or work to go to...they are a rarity and a treasure to me. So, here's what I did today on my lazy day....
Got up and got Kyle off to school. Got Alec ready for the day. Played with the baby. Took a shower, let my hair air dry. No makeup today. Dressed in sweats. Warm and comfy. Read. Took Alec to school. Fed and played with Talia. Put her down for a nap, read some more. Helped the boys with their homework. Read some more. Fixed dinner for my family. Watched Harry Potter 5 with Cole and Kyle (Alec was invited, but decided to go play, and of course Talia was with us, but she really didn't care about the movie). Put Talia to bed. Put kids to bed. Read. Put Cole to bed. Read some more. I finished 2 books today (I'm an extremely fast reader).
Today was the perfect, perfect Lazy day.

My baby has gone from semi-mobile to full on army crawl. She can get anywhere she wants to....and today she discovered that kitchen drawers open. And close. And open. And close. And so on, and so forth. She spent 2o minutes just opening and closing the drawer. Watching her go after whatever toy she wants makes me laugh. And the way she looks at her brothers....she has them totally wrapped around her little finger. It's hard to see her grow up so fast, but I'm trying to enjoy it

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