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Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Today's work...So far I'm on track for my weekly 2 page layout goal. Yay!!! But seriously, These 3-D ultrasound pics were taken almost exactly a year ago....It made me both happy and sad to work on them today. I had to drive to Salt Lake to get them taken, because my MD doesn't do 3-D yet, and I just had to have it done. Seeing those delicate features...confirming again that it was the daughter that I'd been was such a fun day. Even if I did have a huge asthma attack because the air quality down in SLC was so awful that day. I tried really hard to enjoy every moment of that pregnancy, because I knew it was my last. And I've enjoyed every moment with Talia, because she is my last baby. Who now can quite efficiently army crawl, and get herself back up to sitting from on her tummy. It's bittersweet, seeing her make all these sudden changes from little baby to bigger baby.
And what's with the 5 feet of snow that heaven dumped on us today? I love snow, but not in such large, high maintenance quantities. I was so thankful that I had my SRV, because it handles great in the snow. I had to drive Kyle to school in the morning, then Alec a couple of hours later, and then go pick them up a couple of hours after that. I was supposed to have a staff meeting, but it got cancelled, thank goodness, because I really didn't want to venture out onto the main roads. Or have to drive the kids down to my sister-in-law's down in Uintah, because their roads are even worse than ours are up here.
The satellite dish is currently covered in snow, and since I'm too lazy to go brush it off (which involves setting up the ladder, etc)...the kids are playing more video games than they'd normally get after school, and I'm listening to my ipod on a boombox. It's nice to have music rather than tv as the background noise in my house....maybe I'll try it more often.

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mommamin said...

Sooo glad you didn't have to go out either... Merrill said that 89 was closed for a good part of the day, multiple closings... Everything else looks so scary to me... I was lucky, I dind't have to even attempt getting out of my driveway! Maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much!