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Monday, January 7, 2008

Laughter through Tears

First of all, my 1st weekly scrapbook layout. I decided to use these weekly layouts to start on Talia's baby book. My family album is about a year behind, and I gave up on the idea of doing individual albums for all 3 kids plus a family album a few months ago. At least until they're all in school, and then maybe I'll go back. But every baby gets a baby album. I've been dying to start Talia's, but I'm one of those people who needs to scrapbook in chronological order. However, I figure that technically, I am in chronological order for her book.
Talia went into the doctor for her nine month appointment today. She's 18 lbs, 1 oz (with a diaper on), and 27 1/4 inches long. She's a whole pound smaller than my boys at the same age, and I'm so glad...anything I can do to keep her my little baby for as long as possible. Although, with her newly learned army crawl being perfected every waking moment, I won't be able to keep her small for long. And tonight, she managed to get back to sitting from being on her belly, but she only figured it out the once. She was so funny at the doctor....played with the paper that they put on the exam table...pulled out a bunch of it....and was fine for a minute while the doctor was just asking questions...but as soon as he started the exam, it was like it clicked for her...this will end with shots. She started screaming, and didn't stop until I had her all dressed again after her shots. She was perfectly fine after, and at least she only had to have 2, and her leg didn't swell up this time.
Alec is my extremely literal child. Today, he was eating mini cookie rings (fudge stripes), and had about 6 all stacked up. He said, "mom, is this a cookie hamburger?". I told him it kind of looked like it. Then he said," Do you know why they're all up side up? " "Why?" I asked. "Because I put them that way," he said. He really is the funniest little guy. He completely marches to his own drummer....and sometimes he's way, way off the beat of all the other kids. It never seems to bother him much, except today, on the way to school, we were talking about his preschool friends, and I told him he just made new friends in Kindergarten, and he said something about not having any friends, that the kids were mean to him and tried to trick him. Talk about a knife in a mother's heart!!!! But after school, he told me he played with 2 of the kids, by name, so I hope everthing is alright. His perception of events is so much different than mine, that I may be taking all this the wrong way.
All these emotional events I'm hormonal. Needless to say, I ended up going out and buying ice cream (Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough), a cream puff, and an eclair. My scale won't thank me tomorrow, but my emotions are soothed.
I've been watching the new American Gladiator on NBC. It takes me back to my pre-teen years in such a wonderful way. Cole and I laughed our butts off last night, and thoroughly enjoyed tonight's episode as well. Ah, Nostalgia.

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