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Saturday, January 19, 2008


So, I'm really envious that all my girls got to go scrapbooking tonight, and I'm stuck here at work. Making babies breathe. Running my butt off. Buying birthday pie for the girl here who's birthday started at midnight. Although, I'm working with a really good friend, so that part's good.

Now I'm even more worried about the kindergarten thing...Alec is such a literal child that he would take whatever his teacher says at face value, and not even try to question it. I don't want him to believe he's bad, but if she tells him that (even in the context of the whole class) he'll believe it. I always thought I'd have to worry about him academically, but now I realize it's not the learning that's the problem. It's the way he processes information. This is my kid who when we tease him, his eyes fill with tears and he believes every word we say. Or, if he's accidentally a little to rough with his sister, and I reprimand him, he will burst into tears and think he's bad. I guess I'm going to have to question him a little better about school. And maybe I'll have to try to keep a notebook of his comments, so I can connect the dots later.

Kyle has twice had teachers that I had heard were not "the best", but I've never been anything but happy with them. I've always said I wouldn't request teachers unless I had a really good reason (my mom's a teacher, and requests can cause teachers all kinds of issues)...but I really need Alec to have a good year next year, since this one has been not so great. I can't stop worrying right now....

Oh, and I'm still feeling envious about the scrapbooking. :)

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mommamin said...

I didn't want to add, "and where were you Jen?" cause I missed you! It was bad enough that you weren't there, and I knew you felt it too! If it makes you feel any better, it really stunk, Christie kept farting...;)jk