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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Uh-Oh, Here comes Trouble

Guess what? I walked into Talia's room yesterday, and this is what I found!!! My 10 month old (tomorrow) can pull up on her crib! I thought it was great...until every time we try to put her in bed, either for a nap or sleep, she pulls up and cries. Right now, I'm really missing my good baby who went down for naps and bed without any problem at all. The hardest part is that I know she's tired...she's yawning, rubbing her eyes, and whining...all her ususal "I'm tired" signals, but is fighting sleep. Maybe she'll go back to normal in a few days. I hope.

She's been trying to give up her morning nap for a month or so now. Today, when I tried to put her down (she was giving all the tired signals), she cried for 1/2 hour, even with me checking on her every 5 minutes. So, I gave up on the nap for today. She was cranky all morning, cried most of the time we were in the shower, the whole time I got her dressed and did her hair. She did stop briefly while I fed her, and whined the rest of the morning. I finally put her down for a nap at noon. I was hoping that her giving up her morning nap meant she would take a little bit longer afternoon such luck, at least not today. I don't think it's too much to ask for a 10 month old to take a 2 hour nap. Just from 12-2, that's perfect. I was in a really bad mood, because I didn't get a nap today either, and I knew I had to go to work tonight. And I'm back tomorrow night. I was really, really cranky, moody, and hormonal, and didn't know how I was going to get through tonight. But Heavenly Father answered my cranky prayers...a spot opened up at the daycare for all now I can take her in the morning, come home, and sleep before I have to come back tomorrow night. Truly a blessing from above, considering I would have had to come back on 3 hours of sleep.

So tonight I'm in RSV land...taking care of 3 babies with RSV, one of whom is on a ventilator. Needless to say, I'm not pleased, but I realize I have to take my turn. And, so far, it really hasn't been that bad...It's just a pain to gown and mask every time I have to walk into one of the isolation rooms. And I'm being especially vigilant, because I don't want to bring this home to my kids. So, when I get home, my scrubs go straight in the washer, and I go straight to the shower.

Today I am thankful for:
  1. An all day spot in daycare tomorrow.
  2. No kindergarten tomorrow, which means that I can have more uninterrupted sleep.
  3. A husband who will go to parent teacher conference, and not complain about it.
  4. The development of my baby...knowing that she's doing exactly what she's supposed to be, even though it's bittersweet to see it.
  5. My nurse pod-partner. I'm in RSV land tonight with someone I like, who's easy to get a long with, and when there's only 2 of you in a room, that's important.

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mommamin said...

when i read the title, i immediately thought, climbing out of the crib, until i realized exactly who you were talking about... at least you have a while until the next fun milestone!